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 Arthur Langford Pkwy
 Auburn Ave
 Baker Highland Cnctr
 Bell St
 Courtland St
 Coca Cola Pl
 Decature St
 Edgewood Ave
 Freedom Pkwy
 Fulton St
 Georgia Ave
 Irwin St
 John W. Dobbs Ave
 Linden Ave
 Martin L. King Jr Dr
 Memorial Dr
 North Ave
 Peachtree St
 Pryor Rd
 Ralph Abernathy Fwy
 Ralph McGill Blvd
 Spring St
 Spring Techwood Con
 University Ave
 Williams St
 West Peachtree St
 14th St
 17th St
 10th St
 75/85 Hwy Northside
 75/85 Hwy Southside

Interstate i-85 Atlanta Traffic

i-85 Atlanta Traffic ...

Traffic map by default is centered on the i-85 in Atlanta at Williams St ...
use elevation controls to zoom in/out & around map ... see i-85 Atlanta News below ...

i-85 Atlanta News ...

i-85 Atlanta Map ...

i-85 Atlanta Map


The i-85 Interstate i-85 in the metro Atlanta area is a major interstate highway that travels generally in a north/north-east by south/southwest direction thru the downtown region of the Atlanta area.

The map above shows the i-85 in the Atlanta area (highlighted in pink) where it travels through the metro Atlanta area.

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